The room is located in the first floor of the Student Union near the Pegasus Ballroom (directly across from MASS). The room will be open daily, whenever the Student Union is open (Weekdays, 7:00am – 1:00am).

All prayers, with the exception of Jummah,are held in the Prayer Room.

Congregational Prayer Times:
Dhuhr: 1:45pm
Asr: 6:00pm
Maghrib: athan + 10 min
Isha: 9:15pm

A few important things to note:

1. The prayer room is being provided by the Student Union as a courtesy to Muslim students, therefore it is very important that we treat the room with as much respect as we do to our Masajid and Musallahs. The room must be kept clean at all times and noise should be kept to a minimum.

2. The room will be open to members of all faiths and will be labeled as “Reflection and Prayer Room.” This is important to note because, even though we as Muslims will be the primary users of the room, members of other faiths may possibly use the room. Consequently, it’s important for us to maintain positive interactions with everyone who uses the room, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

3. As soon as you enter the room, you will find a sign-in sheet (optional). The purpose of the sheet is to demonstrate to UCF that there is a need for the prayer space and that the room is being utilized. So make sure you sign-in every time you use the room. If we can demonstrate the need to UCF, we could even petition for a larger room (this is important because the Union is being expanded in 2017).